My Fitness Journey

A little story about me....

I got into fitness initially for my own reasons to lose weight. I then helped my mother lower her cholesterol through changing her food and realized how important nutrition was to our overall health. My motto is you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Once you change the food you eat, that is when your body will begin to heal. I’m passionate about teaching people the importance of nutrition, food truly is medicine and you can heal any ailment/disease. I have been helping my clients both online and in person become the healthiest versions of themselves and helping people heal from the inside out resulting in them getting off their medications. When you give your body the right environment to thrive it will. Medication is just a bandaid, true healing comes from the food choices we make daily and I love to teach my clients about food, how to read labels, what and why I choose the food I do and so on. 


With my 3 step, All Foods Fit Approach (AFF), my mission is to educate you on the foods you’re consuming while making small tweaks to your diet to help you achieve the results YOU want by providing you with the tools to create a balanced diet and a healthier you that will last a lifetime.

You will begin with learning how to follow the AFF approach (All Foods Fit). We will practice science based nutrition to help you minimize pain/inflammation, regulate your gut/hormone health which will lead to fat-loss and lifestyle integration and sustainable long-term results.

My end goal is to meet you where YOU are at.  We will introduce a macro based plan into your current lifestyle to guide you one step closer to your goals whether that’s improved internal health or external fat-loss. I will help you Rebuild your relationship with ALL foods. I'm here to break down all the false pretenses around fad diets, fear mongering around carbs and any other unhealthy ways to approach fat-loss.

In an effort to give quality service and attention, there are limited seats available at one time. Let's jump on a 15-30 min FREE call to ensure I am the right coach for you, and that you know what my coaching entails to have the opportunity to discuss any questions you have and go over your specific goals.