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Client Appreciation

Before Stevy’s program I had pre hypertension. My blood pressure was 146/74 before I started her program and the doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medication but I refused. I ended up doing her program and I am so thankful. In just 6 weeks my BP went down to 115/65 and I almost 7 pounds down. I am excited for what another 6 weeks will hold for me. Thank you!

"Oh man I feel incredible! My energy is up and I’m much more happy all around. I’ve been awful at logging my food, but I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grip on what’s okay and what’s not. Stevy is right when she says you get what you put in, thank you for all of your help and guidance!"

"I joined Stevy weight lost program 5 months ago weighing at 204 pounds and having problems with my blood sugar. With the meals Stevy gave me I now weigh 189. Eating healthy was hard but now my body feels good!"

"I spoke with my doctor and the first thing he said was did you start taking medication? How did you get these results in such a short time?! It was fun telling him all about my amazing trainer who has changed the way I eat. I’m also working out 6 days a week with Stevy’s program!"